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Different Types Of Dental Implants

Your Guide to Different Types of Tooth Implants


Ever wondered how dentists bring back missing teeth? Well, they use something super cool called dental implants! Let's explore these tooth superheroes and learn about the different types that can make your smile awesome.

1. Bone Buddies (Endosteal Implants):

Imagine tiny titanium friends that go right into your jawbone to hold up your teeth. These are called endosteal implants, and they are like the strong pillars of a bridge. They keep your new teeth super steady and last a long, long time.

2. Gumtop Friends (Subperiosteal Implants):

Now, what if your jawbone isn't as strong? No worries! Subperiosteal implants sit on or just under your gum but above the bone. They're like custom-made platforms, giving your new teeth a sturdy place to stand, even if the bone isn't as thick.

3. All-in-One Heroes (All-on-4 Implants):

Sometimes, people need a whole team of implants to bring back a bunch of missing teeth. That's where All-on-4 implants come in. With just four implants strategically placed in your jaw, you can have a full set of teeth, like magic! It's a faster way to get your smile back in action.

4. Cheekbone Champions (Zygomatic Implants):

For those with serious bone loss in the upper jaw, there's a special kind of implant that doesn't need the jawbone at all! Zygomatic implants attach to the cheekbone (zygoma), giving your new teeth a sturdy home, even if the jaw isn't up for the job.


Choosing the right tooth implant is like picking the best superhero for your smile. Your dentist will be your guide to finding the perfect fit. At Emicare Dental & Spa Centre, our team is here to help you choose the coolest tooth superhero so you can rock a confident and healthy smile. Talk to us, and let's make your smile superhero-worthy!

Dental Implants At Emicare


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