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Which Group of Animals Would You Swap Teeth With?

Being a human is great for so many reasons, but when it comes to our teeth, we have plenty of reasons to be jealous on other animals. Imagine having the opportunity to trade our human teeth for the remarkable dental structures found in the animal kingdom.

In this interactive blog post, we invite you to explore some interesting animal groups and decide which teeth you would rather. This could be a great starting point to develop new technologies and actually achieve this at some point in the future.

1. Herbivores: Embrace the Power of Grinding

If you opt for herbivore teeth, you'll harness the ability to efficiently chew through fibrous plant materials. These specialized teeth, like the hypsodont teeth found in cows and horses, are built for grinding tough vegetation. By swapping teeth with herbivores, you'll enjoy the benefits of a diet rich in vitamins and minerals from plants, promoting overall health and well-being. Perhaps this adaptation would suit vegans, together with the ability to digest cellulose (which is found in grass).

2. Carnivores: Unleash Your Inner Hunter

Swapping teeth with carnivores means gaining formidable teeth tailored for hunting and tearing through flesh. Picture yourself with the fearsome canines of big cats, such as lions and tigers, which serve as sharp weapons. With carnivore teeth, you'll embrace your primal instincts and experience the thrill of a predator's dental prowess. Or be confused with a vampire. Tough choice.

3. Rodents: Embrace Continuous Growth

Choosing rodent teeth offers a unique advantage: ever-growing incisors. These long, continuously growing front teeth found in animals like beavers and squirrels can empower you to tackle tough challenges. Imagine effortlessly chewing through hard materials and having the ability to maintain dental health through constant gnawing, all while displaying incredible adaptability. Too bad not all of their teeth are ever growing.

4. Tooth Regeneration: Embrace the Power of Renewal

Perhaps the best dental trait found in certain animal species is the ability to regrow teeth. Crocodiles are among the remarkable creatures that possess this regenerative capability. These ancient reptiles can continually replace their teeth throughout their lives, ensuring a fresh set of pearly whites. By choosing tooth regeneration, you would say goodbye to implants. However, you might often have temporary missing teeth and a potentially poor dental hygiene.


As you explore the benefits offered by different groups of animals' teeth, you're faced with a thrilling choice: Which would you choose? Each choice has pros and cons so choose wisely. Perhaps the best partner to decide this are your kids. Ask them and see what ideas they come up with.


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